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Your Unique Voice

Mentorship + Revisioning by design,

to restore the resonance your unique voice so that you can stand tall in your self


Our voice is our expression. It's the storyteller, the narrator, the co-creator of inner + outer beliefs. Over lifetimes, we are programmed by culture and society, the families that raised us, relationships we've chosen to affirm who we are. These outer inputs, however, are not who we are.

 They are our lessons, not our truths. 

The truth comes from our own unique voice that lives in our hearts and is guided by our souls. And it will urge you to heed it, to wake up to the uniqueness of who you are.

To get curious, revision, and find aligned truth in your Self. 

This program is designed and intended to lead you, to help you 

Restore your unique voice, 

so that you can come home to your Self. 

When you step into your full resonance, you can embody your full truth. 


Questions + Curiosity 

"Where do I start?" "How do I let go?" "Does my past determine my future?" "What am I really here for?" "What is my unique purpose in this lifetime?" "Where do I belong?" "What is true for me?" "Who am I?" "Who do I want to become?" 

I don't have the answers...YOU do. I am here to lead you, to love you, to mirror you to them +

to your Self. To be your Great Connector on your journey home to You. 

This isn't just any process...this is YOUR process, that we are working through,

together, on your unique journey.

Leading you to your soul calling is my passion. I am here to spark you, to get you what you need to

feed that inner fire. 

Let's find answers, together. 

Let's resonate from our Selves, together.

Let's uncover your Truth, together.  

How we work together

We follow a loose program structure + we start with 5 weeks of work + together time. All you need to begin is the workbook (included), a journal, curiosity, and the intention to restore your unique voice.

Intention to Stand Tall in You

If you're here, you're here. All of you, always. You are showing up for your Self because the desire to do so is BIG. And it is calling you. 

You're willing to become intentional. You know you're doing work and YOU are the guiding force behind it throughout the process. You are learning to trust your Self, your intuition and your voice as they become stronger.

You're willing to get in to your body, all of your self, and past selves, with the desire to get clear and step into vision. 

You're willing to be honest. Honesty in all situations is the first step towards truth telling. Being vulnerable in doing so takes practice, and you'll have plenty. 

You're committed to practicing and embracing the new and uncomfortable. This is part of the reason you are here, working with me. To learn, to grow. 

That desire, that calling to know YOU has become too great to turn away from.

You want to know you. ALL of you.  

In new ways, through new territory. 

And you're willing to trust that we can get there, together. 

Catalyzing with Archetypal Wisdom 

When I'm here, I am here.

All of me, always. I show up from my Self, for myself, and for you. Unconditionally. I embody the archetypal inner warrior to hold you safely and keep strength + integrity alive and well.

I bring the inner visionary, envisioning our time to be most impactful for the highest good.

I bring the inner healer, bringing my set of powerful tools and wisdom to boost and infuse our co-creative process with healing practices and modalities. I bring the inner teacher, using my wisdom + discernment to speak to you in a way that you can truly hear and understand. By showing you that I can do what I say I can do, you'll see that you can do what you say you can, too. I am your mirror. I am leading you to your Self, by walking beside you without fear and without restriction. Your intentions shape the journey, and this program will mirror that to you. I will mirror your desirability back to you. Think of me as the catalyst to light you up into your fully expressed voice, to live your fully soulful + aligned purpose. 

Sparked within, feeding the fire

You have all you need to heal and to hear your Self fully. Your resonance comes from within. We will go there to retrieve it. I will connect you to a combination of tools+resources 

expressed through my unique voice and resonance. This will include Wise Woman One on One sessions, work with your energy and the body through somatic practice, breath work, and Reiki, guided meditation, + journaling. We will call on ritual and ceremony to deepen relationship to Self. Whatever you need to cultivate and deepen right relationship, I am here for it, and I will use my Knowing to offer it to you. It is my full intention to provide the materials, tools, and resources that will resonate with you, and call you forward, spark you from within, as we journey together. We can only take ourselves so far, and I am here to be the staff for you to lean upon  along your journey home to your full power, and fullest expression of your unique voice.   

Truth as Original Medicine 

We experience as our journey by design of our soul's expression and our unique voices. We are a partnership, created out of love, intention, and desire for the Highest Good and for full expression. We are truthful and trusting, we are soft and powerful, we reprogramming and restoring. We are seeking, re-searching, finding, allowing the answers to come in a time that is not linear, but loving. This is our original medicine. The work is to live in our original medicine. And that is why we are here. 

You've come this far, you are ready

You're ready to hear yourself. To restore your unique voice. To show up for your life in your full power, with the tools and resources to move through any blocks or challenges that may come up along the way. You're ready to uncover, excavate, re-member, re-search + restore everything that makes you such an impactful being. And I have confidence in you. In your Knowing. I know you can design your life to match the alignment you will come into on the inside.

I know you will find your unique voice. It's my honor to be your guide, your staff, your catalyst, as you do so. 


Image by Alex Iby

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