Resonance Restorative Women's Collective Spiritual + Energetic Wellness + Healing



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Co-Creation + Collaborations

Co-Creative, Synergetic Exchange Opportunities 

Truth in Art. 

Your Full Expression as your Original Medicine.
The Inner Artist, Welcomed and Embodied. 

This Collective is currently seeking three Beautiful humans to take up creative space and work in 

co-creative partnership with the Co-Creator of the Collective. 

If you are resonating with the words and descriptions of these opportunities, then be so invited to send in your portfolio. 

We want to hear from you. We want to see your work. We want to witness your unique voice. 


Welcome Home, Wise, Creative One. 

Explore Open Spaces 

Have a beautiful, inspired idea for a collaboration project? 

I am excited and joyful to hear it! 

Image by Matheus Ferrero