The Wise Woman I am sees + welcomes

the wise woman you are 

Truth in Reflection

When did you stop using your voice for song? 

When did you stop moving your body in the rhythm of dance? 

When did you stop stepping into the flow of creative storytelling? 

When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet solace of Silence?

The Call to Return Home

Re-Turning Towards the Wise Woman Within

Wise Woman One on One is set upon the Truth that we are equally wise women perhaps in different stages of our journey, always with access to our own unique voices + original medicine. 

There are times when we can only take ourselves so far and will go no further without guidance, mentorship + support.

And it is then you can turn towards a wise woman who will hold your vision with you, who will step into the process of clearing the fog that may muddle your perspective, who can mirror you in your beauty, your desirability, your wisdom, your unique voice and your fully expressed power + truth.

For it is true that others can always be our greatest teachers, if only we use courage + curiosity to ask what we can learn from them. In this. space, I am your Teacher, using my unique voice, and my Original Truth Medicine to support you in healing and co-creating all parts of your life. 

The Lodge

A Place to Return to

When we journey into our Selves, like when we journey out into the world, we must establish a sacred place to come home to.

A safe place where we can be just as we are, a place where we belong, where our vision, feelings, thoughts + experiences are welcome.

A space that is ours.

This is that space for you as you move through your inner and the outer world of your creation. Where you can dance, sing, tell stories, sit comfortably in sacred silence.

We can journey deep, in the Knowing that our safe Lodge is always there to settle into and hold us lovingly. We can find our courage to head towards the unknownbecause we know we will always have sturdy support, no matter which direction we take, or how far down the path we travel. 

Journey on. The Lodge + I will be with you.

Heart of sky

Exploring, Encouraging, Expansion

Working with intention + our unique voices,

we expand each other in beautiful + powerful ways.

We are original creators for our lives, and taking up the desire to move through our lifetime and all the joy, challenges, expansions and contractions, deaths + rebirths that we meet and face will leave us closer to fully

re-memebering who we are. Who we are meant to be. We are Divine, A powerful force within an ordered Universe. Bones of the Earth, Blood of the Ocean, Mind of the Air, Heart as limitless and grand as the Sky. Ideas as numerous and beautiful as the stars. That's who we are.

This truth is the song of every unique voice, resting at the foundation of Original Medicine.

Guided by the beat of our hearts, the drumbeat of the Earth, and mentored by wise women, we empower our voices to call forth the next chapter of our journey.

More of More 

Re-membering while on a mentorship journey means if you desire to Know, then knowledge + wisdom will be shared fully.  This is beyond two voices exchapging + sharing.

The Wise Woman Knows that  tools + practices beyond the physical voice are integral pieces of the journey towards full expression of Truth + Original Medicine.

While working together, the teacher will use discernment when offering and including the Reiki + energy work, Somatic practices + body work, card Readings, crystals, reading materials, journaling, ritual + ceremony, practicing + integrating, meditation, tapping, and whatever else she feels called + encouraged to bring forward + into the lodge space.

come home to the

wise woman within


Wise Woman One on One

 Mentorship for Re-Searching, Re-Membering,

Space Creating + Holding, +Exploring the Fullest Expansion of your Self

Image by Nachelle Nocom

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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I am here, standing ready to uncover my sacred wisdom and work towards a life that is shaped and called in by my Unique Voice. I am ready for the New Life that is meant for me and my world. For this, I will stand tall in my Self. I will do this by restoring my unique voice, resonating my soul purpose, healing and using my strong and soft power, and grounding into All that I Am. 

I have sacred Original Medicine, my truth. And I am here to speak it lovingly to myself and my world. A'ho

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