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10+ weeks 

Unity, Celtic Infinity Knot, Celtic symbol, Cetic Knot

of mentorship

for relationship 


true unity = alignment of truth

Partnership of all kinds is Unity--Unity of energy, unity of interests, unity of heritage and karma, unity of beliefs + values, unity of mind, body + spirit. 

We seek unity with intimate others and with our experiences of the world. Whether we feel we find it or not are the experiences that shape our relational narratives. 

In our intimate relationships, we are seeking to align ourselves with the energy, body and journey of another. We bring our masculine and our feminine, the wounded pieces as well as the fully conscious and embodied ones, to the container of relationship. From there, we weave a co-creative tapestry with the other person. 

It is our intention, with this work, to bring ourselves into unified alignment in order to deepen our abilities to be soft, vulnerable and unconditionally loving in our relationships and exchanges with self and Beloved, intimate others. 

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from trauma bonds to

consciously woven threads 


This container will help remove the bonds of trauma and misalignment to reveal the woven threads of conscious unity within the self and with others, both beloved and intimate.

These teachings are of great value to all of the relationships we may find ourselves in along our journey, and in addition to the relationship experienced within this container, this program will help us to see the divine, the light, the creator creating in ourselves and all others we exchange with and experience in our lives. 

The main focus is relationship with the partner or beloved other that is sharing this mentorship with us, be a romantic partner, a parent, a child, sibling, other relation, or friend. 

At the core of this experience is the deep desire and intention to experience a greater unity with another by also harmonizing and stabilizing the alignment within the Self.

A Portal to Liberated Love 

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What is liberation when it comes to Love? 

It is True Freedom, that comes from the release of the ways and blockages that we have used to keep ourselves from achieving it. 

Imagine loving your partner in relationship without the bonds of behaviors learned in your first families, or inherited through generational patterns: ie what you learned about what it means to be in partnership, what communication looks like, what love is, what trust is. Without the prescriptions that society handed us about what it means to find True Love. Without the narratives we have created to cope with feeling unloved, unwanted, unrecognized, unheard and unseen. 

True Love is Liberated Love.

And this is the Great Work to moving towards the unity that sets us free to be in Liberated Love.

The kind of love that allows you to connect with each other without anything else getting in the way. It's the voice of Truth in conflict, the deep understanding of the Self and how the mind and body is working with our consciousness. It's the freedom to be who we truly are, to be loved for who we truly are, and to obtain truly deep and intimate love in relationships of all kinds. 

structure + integrity of the program

We build the foundation of this container upon willingness, opennesss, curiosity and love. 

The commitment to each of these is integral to the support and strength of this work. 


The program begins with work found in the guidebooks. Each person receives a guidebook for their individual exploration and processes, and the relationship receives a guidebook to share and work through together. This shared guidebook will often combine the work undergone within the individual discovery. Within the partnership guidebook, the work of each is united. 

We will meet weekly for 90 minutes for a duration of 10 weeks to bring in practices, teachings and exercises to harmonize and stabilize all of what we are processing and working on. The mentorship focuses on connective teachings and guidance to re-create and renew intimacy within the layers discovery and truth. The mentorship meeting containers bring in the integrity and wisdom of an unconditional and loving other who desires to honor the intention to cultivate the threads of unity so that they flourish into new and deeply loving relationship patterns. Together, we weave the threads of unity. 

Between mentorship meetings, students are strongly encouraged to keep up with their work within the guidebooks. This is a practice of dedication and commitment. It is also integral for the growth of each individual and the relationship. Students are encouraged to bring experiences, challenges, questions and anything else they may wish to process together to the meetings. 

The program will vary, depending on the relationship held within the container. The core teachings will remain the same, however. 

They are centered around: 

  • Communication and Conflict 

  • Boundaries and Values 

  • Giving and Receiving 


Because each relationship is unique in what it has to offer and teach, the program will be guided also by the needs and desires of the partnership / relationship and the individuals co-creating it. 




Commitment to understanding 


This mentorship has been lovingly created and built to meet all sorts of relationships and situations. It requires the shared intention of those in relationship to show up fully to uncover their alignment and seek unity within and with others in a dedicated and conscious, open-hearted way. 


>This container is for relationships with two people who:

  • are open and willing to experiment and embrace newness 

  • are walking a spiritual path together 

  • are looking to see each other more deeply, and see themselves more deeply in the other too

  • maintain the resolve to be curios at all stages of relationship 

  • are willing to lean in, listen more, and allow new ideas and practices into the heart and soul of the relationship 

  • can make the commitment fully, without hesitation or reticence 

  • See this work as valuable, unique and healing 

  • are ready to work and witness their connection to deeper love 

  • are looking to explore new knowledge and wisdom 

  • are students of Your Unique Voice and / or Becoming the Phoenix and wish to integrate in a relationship

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the work of weaving the threads of unity 




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  • Taking the dive into the guidebooks 

  • Assessing conflict style 

  • Aquatinting the self with the language of the program

  • Setting intentions

Three Women


  • Witnessing practices 

  • working with teachings + receptivity / deep listening 

  • guided sharing, mirroring and acceptance 

  • teachings of space holding / holding the self open for the experience of the other 

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  • your work on exploring the self, cultivating 

  • curiosity for the

  • self and the beloved other 

  • owning your truth 

  • being willing to see truth in the reflections of the other 

  • work with self-soothing practices

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  • move through practices and teachings together 

  • prepare ceremony and ritual for deep connection and intimacy 

  • integrate the work from the meetings as well as the individual work into the container of the relationship 

Align with liberated love

Feel the call to take the blessed journey to weave the sacred threads of unity with the Beloved other