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The Art of Relationship

What Are You Co-Creating in Relationship?

Our Life of Relationship, as a Gallery

Relationships are a reflection of who we are and what we value. When we come into relationship with someone or something, we are beginning a process of co-creation that will ultimately create a piece of artwork in a life's gallery. A piece of art made up of beliefs, patterns, habits and agreements. 

When we take a look at our life's gallery of relationships, what do we see? Do we see our best selves? Do we see deep joy and love? Trust and honesty? Is it a display of our most aligned truth and integrity? Do we recognize the shadow elements of each piece? Do we see something less desirable, or difficult to look at? Do we see or feel lack in our life relationship gallery? 

Curation through Intention 

In this program, we intend to look at our relationships as if they were a piece of fine art that we have created. One that evokes thoughts, feelings, sensations, sense of self. We will learn which parts of us have been creating and contributing to our art of relationship. We will dive into patterns and beliefs that have been unconscious creative power in our relationships. We will examine our art of relationship, safely, and use the wisdom of our creative past to understand where we have been giving away our power to less than truth and love. 

Art, like relationship, is interpretative, and we learn deeply from what we are seeing, feeling, and recognizing when we look at both of these creations. The meaning is both personal, interpersonal, and situational. 

Step Into The Full Power of a Co-Creator 

Join us for a five-week gallery walk through the artwork of relationships of our lives. Come ready and willing to explore and appreciate, learn and discern. 

Under facilitated direction, within the support system of a loving peer group, you will have the courage to walk through your gallery and examine what you see there. Some galleries may be closed off, but we will be encouraged to go there, too. When we intend to be curious and learn with an open heart, we do not need to fear what has been co-created in the past.

We will take this journey as a community of women, of female artists with their own signatures in their art of relationship. And we will see many similarities among our galleries. 


We are both the artists and the curators, looking with loving eyes at what we have created, and examining it with curiosity and discernment to be able to see the patterns, habits, beliefs, and agreements that were part of every piece of the creation. We are active and we are witnesses. And we are able to refine our creative style to produce different, more beautiful, more loving, and more true to what we desire as artwork relationship outcomes for the present + future

The Co-Creative Space We Share

This program answers the 'how' question of relationship--how we create them, how we live in them, how we show up for them, all the ways. And no matter where you are on your journey in relationship, you are just right, right here. 

The space looks like: 

>5 weeks of shared journey time

>circa 90 minute facilitated meetings in an online space that is safe and welcoming 

>Ritual + practices within the meeting time as well as for you to do on your own 

>Worksheets + exercises to get your inner artist and curator speaking to you clearly through your unique and beautiful voice both in the group and independently. 

>Six weeks plus of deep relationship healing work 

Created and Curated to Lead You Gently + Strongly ​

Affirm: What I have co-created in relationship can be one of my greatest teachers. I allow it to be now. A'ho

Setup & Structure: ​

Intro: Before we begin, each member will receive an introductory program guide that they can work through on their own prior to the first group meeting. It is preparatory content designed to introduce the practices of Opening the Heart, Becoming a Witness, + Inviting Your Unique Voice, all of which are integral building blocks of the program. Included in the guide are ways and tools to begin working with these three practices. 


From there, we will have our first meeting and build upon what we have started with on our own with the introductory guide. 

Meetings are a blend of ritual, active listening to a facilitated topic, and discussion to prompt sharing with each other. 

Meeting 1: Introduction and Building Blocks of the Gallery 

Meeting 2: Who is the Creator? Learn about yourself through the eyes of the loving witness and hear your body speak 

Meeting 3: Gallery of Mirrors How the Others in our lives mirror and reflect us + what we can learn from this 

Meeting 4: Co-Creating Aligned Artistry Pt. I  Finding value in the lessons and uncovering aligned integrity + values

Meeting 5: Co-Creating Aligned Artistry Pt. 2 Stepping fully into co-creative expression through the voice of aligned truth

Reveal your inner artistry. Welcome yourself to your unique gallery. Allow your unique voice to be your guide. Become the co-creator in her full integrity and truth. 

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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I am here, standing ready to uncover my sacred wisdom and work towards a life that is shaped and called in by my Unique Voice. I am ready for the New Life that is meant for me and my world. For this, I will stand tall in my Self. I will do this by restoring my unique voice, resonating my soul purpose, healing and using my strong and soft power, and grounding into All that I Am. 

I have sacred Original Medicine, my truth. And I am here to speak it lovingly to myself and my world. A'ho

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