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Live jams, open hearts

Sound is healing. Be part of a community of music, sound and voice. Shamanic cultures know that each individual has a unique resonance in the world, bringing truth to them Selves and their community as only they can. This is called Original Medicine, and when you are fully tapped into your unique voice, moving it through the vibrations of music, word and sound, you are in the full healing power of your Original Medicine.

You're an artist. And this is a space and place for your art. 

Always wanted to be part of a live performance by playing an instrument? Singing? Or reading a piece of creative writing?  Come on out. 



Come as you are. Bring what you've got. 

When the Spirit moves you towards the mic, something beautiful is going to happen. And all the hearts in the circle are open and ready to receive it. 

This blend and balance of giving and receiving keeps the circle strong. Listen to others, listen to yourself, move with the words, music, vibrations. Hear the truth as it is shared and expressed

Dance, create, celebrate. 

Sunset Over Trees
Image by Michel Catalisano

Be your own healer and allow others to heal you through Original Medicine.

Share your unique resonance in this world. 

Release any fear that may be holding you back. 

It's time to acknowledge the story inside of you and let it be told.

Let it be heard. 

Image by Laura Fuhrman

We've got your back, unconditionally. 

This is a community of writers, musicians, families, singles, kids, adults, seasoned performers, first-timers, and everything in-between. 

Image by Kimson Doan

We love to get together, witness all the diverse 

talents of the group, and 

express ourselves through doing what we love. 

It's a gathering of amazing, loving humans. It's a an occasion to share some food, a drink, a conversation

we want to hear you

Image by Matheus Ferrero
Image by Jon Tyson




The purpose of this tribe of talent is to give rise to YOUR voice. Because you have something important to share, and we want to hear it. Tell us a story, read a poem, sing a song, jam on an instrument.

We are here for it.



Ground yourself in your courage and let us love on you for showing up and putting your vibes out there! If it's your first time, you will experience yourself in a whole new way, and you will be so glad you did. If you've performed before, you know the value of a captive and encouraging audience!



Everyone is welcomed, and everyone is encouraged. We are a tribe who loves to get together and make joyful sounds, meet up with friends we know from previous sessions,

and welcome new talent joining us. 

No judgement, no pressure.

Just love + good times. 

And beautiful, unique, original, fully expressed art + voices.  



***During winter months, and for now during the pandemic situation, we will operate in a virtual space. 

We do our circle in different places and at different locations (weather, availability permitting), so be sure to check out where we are headed next. Stay in the know by subscribing to the newsletter. Sometimes, we do a potluck, It's always BYOB (minus the alcohol). 

Always feel free to bring whatever you have--instruments (yes, even homemade/handmade ones!), written work, food, drink, your voice, friends, family, an open heart, a willingness to share and come jam. 

Remember the song and the story inside of you. 

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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I am here, standing ready to uncover my sacred wisdom and work towards a life that is shaped and called in by my Unique Voice. I am ready for the New Life that is meant for me and my world. For this, I will stand tall in my Self. I will do this by restoring my unique voice, resonating my soul purpose, healing and using my strong and soft power, and grounding into All that I Am. 

I have sacred Original Medicine, my truth. And I am here to speak it lovingly to myself and my world. A'ho

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