The Phases of the Moon and You

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The Lunar Blueprint of your natural phases and cycles (5 Weeks)

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The Moon travels through phases in a complete cycle on its course of a month, and human energies ebb and flow over the course of this cycle, too. This course offers a somatic (body-based) approach to intuition, energy, and creativity. Through a five-week deep body journey, you will learn of your own phases and cycles by uncovering the natural blueprint offered by nature (the Moon) to harness the flow of your life force. It will take us through an embodied understanding of physical and energetic rhythms, creative ebb and flow, and the intuitive cycles of nature that each of can tap into. It is often said that, around the full moon, things can feel "crazy". Why? Because energy is heightened and we experience this greater pull to be outward in our expression. Similarly, we can experience the opposite at the new moon, when fatigue is often experienced, injuries may occur, or we may wish more solitude and rest for ourselves. Men, women, and all life are in a constant dance with energetic flow. And this can look and feel a bit differently for everyone. So, in the class, we will: >Identify cycles >Learn to track our energy levels, creativity, and body experiences >Integrate our somatic experience with the lunar phases >Begin to understand how ancient people related to the Moon for all life timing >Explore how men women and all life can harness the lunar phases to honor their most authentic expression of life-force. Week by week, we will feel into our relationship with our bodies, sensations, needs, wants, desires, creativity and experiences as it relates to the new, waxing, full, and waning moon phases. Additionally, we will cover: >Practices to honor cyclic change >Keys to somatic and embodied awareness >Maps to understand your own creativity process and cycles >Relationship between your energy and the energy of others >Ceremony to work with lunar rites If you are ready to honor yourself full and harness your energy, creativity, and life-force in the most sacred and aware way, this class is for you. The pathway of the Moon will become your own, leaving you feeling well-rested, nourished, fully expressed, creative and deeply understanding of yourself in the sacred dance with creativity and with all other life. Included with the class is a guidebook with exercises, ways to create ceremony, and journaling prompts to help guide you into your body, your intuitive awareness, and into your natural cycle.

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