Restore Your Relationships

A Journey of Learning, Becoming, Knowing + Embodying

Four Module 

Online Program 

Your Restorative Journey into all of your relationships, beginning with the one with yourself

Do you ever wonder about your life and the things that seem to just happen to you?

Have you thought about who you are and who you wish you might be?

Do you experience unease, insecurity or instability in relationships?

Have you wondered if there was something deeper going on, or that maybe you are missing something? 

You are not alone in these thoughts and feelings. Most of us feel this way at some point in our lives, but we don't need to any longer if we commit to showing up for the work toward doing things differently. 

<Join us for an online journey towards restoring your relationships.>

< It begins with Curiosity and leads to Self Study >

< How it Works >

This Four Module Online Program is designed to bring restoration to the relationship you have with yourself + with intimate partnership and external relationships, and will help you develop tools, rituals + practices to restore your relational programming to be heart led, authentic, and fully expressed. 

It is self directed, so you work at your own pace, with enough time to process + integrate as you go. You will have access to videos that will lead you through explorations + guide you as you get into the work. Each video is accompanied by a set of worksheets, rituals + exercises for you to take with you offline, as you bring what you are learning into your process of becoming. 

< Who It's For >

This course is for anyone, anywhere. Whether you are dating, in committed partnership, or single, this program will work with you to create a deeper, more meaningful + intimate relationship with the most important person

in your life: you.   For all who desire deeper intimacy, this course will take you through how to restore relationships to their highest vibrancy and deepest capacity for love, compassion + understanding through exploring the practices of conscious relating.

 < What Is Covered >

Beginning with the understanding of who you truly are at your core, the program will begin with a journey through your Divine Self and offer inspiration, encouragement + love for all of you. To you, from you. We will move through all the ways, patterns + habits that may have kept us from reaching our true voice and our

desired relationship outcomes.

Next, we will go deep into the conscious ways we relate to others in our lives with the creation of boundaries, gaining the ability to speak our wants + needs, and the practices of conscious conflict styles, communication

and clearing with others.  

The final module focuses on somatic practice, which integrates the conscious mind with the physical body + creates the ability for you to embody all of the qualities, knowledge + desires that you wish to grow + expand your relationships with now and in the future. 

This is a beautiful investment in your present + your future self by learning to love, accept, forgive and learn from

every part of who you are.


Modules + Descriptions 

A journey of Becoming

woman, wild woman, true self, divine natue, nutue, dreams, desires, intention, learning, sitting, listening, discovering, journey

Module One: Your Divine Self

We begin with acknowledging the deep truth that we are unique, lovable, and worthy of all the dreams and desires that are alive in our hearts. Not one part of us is broken; we are whole and complete within ourselves, Divine Beings in this human experience. We begin to work with our dreams + desires by creating intentions and practices that lead us to them. We learn to cultivate practices that lead us to our most fully expressed ourselves. We will discover how to lean in to our soul voice and our Wild Woman, who is the expression of our most aligned and joyful selves.

Module Two: The Relationship Within

The most important and impactful relationship we ever create and maintain is the one with ourselves. We get into the patterns, habits and behaviors that have their roots in our first families, as well as our learned beliefs and ideas that we have received from external influences. We learn to witness and work with our inner child in a loving and healing way, and we learn to call up and welcome all of us, including the parts of us that we keep hidden. We examine our patterns of self abandonment to understand our fears and motivations in clear ways. To create alignment, we will work on setting clear and conscious boundaries that are aligned with our values and our true selves. 


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beloved other, relationships, love, boundaries, conscious, practies, rituals

Module Three: The Beloved Other

This portion of the program takes the practices we have cultivated in our relationship to self and brings them to the external relationships in our lives. We examine relationship patterns from the past and seek to understand how they have been driving our subconscious attractions and tendencies. We will learn how to name our emotions and process them in a compassionate and honest way that honors our individual experience. We work on making space for the experience of the other without taking their experience personally. We take time to work with our abilities to be emotionally available and present for ourselves and others. This includes understanding the subconscious patterns of assumptions and expectations and learning how to convert these into a conscious practice of clearly asking for what we want and need to feel loved, safe and valued in relationship. 

Module Four: Somatics + Embodiment

In the final piece of the program, we will learn to work with the practices of somatics and embodiment in order to integrate the mind, feelings and emotions with the physical body. Somatics is the practice of tuning in to our body's message. By directing our observations to notice the sensations within the body, we are able to more easily understand our experiences of what feels aligned and safe for us, and what does not. We work with the intention  to embody the feelings, qualities and sensations that we wish to expand and take forward on our journey, and we seek to move through and release those that no longer serve and are not in  alignment with the solid foundation of restoration that we have begun to build for ourselves and the women we are becoming. 

Your Portal to Self-Discovery Tools + Guided Learning

A Blend of video instruction + guided learning, worksheets , exercises, and somatic practices

to integrate mind, body, heart and soul

It's all right here for you.

This is your journey, and this program is designed to honor your path and to offer you support as you walk

towards your heart and your truth.

By undertaking this work, you are doing something so tremendously loving for yourself, and for all of your relationships, including present + future. Allow this program to take you into all the layers of who you are.

Become the woman who embodies full expression, higher love and who is in full awareness

that she is whole and complete within herself.

Your Unique Voice & Wild Woman are waiting. A'ho

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