The Wild Path

The Wild Path includes many, many Wild Happenings.

What is the Wild Path?

The one you are walking, Love.

The one where you are awake to Being Love.

The one on which you take steps no Being has ever taken before.

The one you create from your living room

from the comforts of your couch, with a cup of tea perched beside you.

Or the one that unfolds in a dream at 4:03AM

and gets recorded in your journal by the light of the Moon

coming in through a part in the curtains hanging in front of the window.

The Wild Path is the brave path that takes you away from all you thought you knew.

Its the one that brings you to a river, swift and fierce

or maybe gentle and rolling

And it bids you enter.

Or it pushes you in with a sweep, or gust of wind.

The Wild Path is the one that unfolds with breath

with choice to be present.

On soul time.

The Wild Path knows no limits, no structure, no to-do lists or expectations.

It just IS.

It pushes you when you don't remember to be grateful.

It pulls at your heart when you aren't feeling love or loved

It pokes you to look up, look around, look in

and take in all the awe and wonder of the experience

The richness.

That is the Wild Path.

It is No Thing.

It is All Things.

The Wild Path laughs when trees, flowers, hearts bloom.

It cries when the wind howls, the wolf howls, and still no one listens.

It beckons when we feel most lost and without purpose.

It pulls when we aren't quite sure where to go.

It is always drawing us in, on, through.

That is the promise it makes us when we take our first steps on it.

Those steps may be feeble, they may be unsure,

or they may be brave, bold, daring.

The Wild Path honors these steps as wholly ours.

It honors us always. All Ways.

We honor the Wild Path by saying YES!

By moving, ceasing to ask the Sun if it will shine down on us,

and if the water on the River of Life will be nourishing to us.

We honor the Wild Path by Knowing that Wild Happenings occur

always and All ways when we stay the course.

The Wild Path unfolds when we un-learn

all the ways we push towards, pull into, grab for, rush at.

The Wild Path will not ask us to do these things.

We do not chase dreams down the Wild Path.

Dreams come up to greet us in the form of Others

as we walk along, rest simply for the sake of rest, lie down to stargaze.

Dreams become part of our hearts beating as we step along,

float along, swim, surf, glide, dance along.

The Wild Path lets us know what is Right.

It beats the drum of purpose, fulfillment and belonging

and it reverberates off the bone when we are close to those things.

It beats to break loose our Knowing

that we, all along, all the time,

were welcome on this Wild Path.

Our Wild Path

That it is our Home.

That it has always been.

And that it, like us, will bring unique beauty to all who make the choice to experience it.