The Mother Archetype, Dancing in the Light

*Note: I am using “she” here to mean the divine feminine energy force that associates to and expresses through the Mother Archetype. This is not gender related.

If you would like an introduction to what archetypes are, why they are important, how they work in your life, and what the Mother archetype energies are, please read the article Archetypes Introduced: The Mother Archetype


Archetypal energies have the potent ability to express in a conscious way (light) and an equally potent ability to express in a subconscious (shadowy) way. The latter is usually to the detriment of the individual expressing. It is the energy in its destructive or even self-destructive force.

For now, let’s focus on the Mother dancing in the Light.

A fully healed, embodied Mother archetype means that we are nourished + nourishing beings. Other life feels acknowledged, nurtured, helped out, sustained and given life to while in our presence.

Where it all starts is with careful attention, strong nurturing, and devotion and dedication to the essence of who we are.

We do this before we take this set of deeply caring qualities externally. Our whole ability to be successful nurturers, deep in our devotion, powerful creators, and abundant with our time and energy is by first layering these foundational mother archetypal energies unto ourselves.

Expressing outwardly, this set of energies can look a lot of different ways, and a few examples are: taking the

time to cook a beautiful homemade meal and feed beloved others with good sustenance that was prepared with love and devotion; sitting with a beloved other while they crack open to some pain that is ripping through their life; giving life force in the form of time, energy, attention; and to be of service and for the benefit of all involved. This can also look the same when we are taking care of solely our own wants and needs. The Mother is there to provide for her needs, wants and desires, and does not hesitate to make the time, gather the resources, and bring all parts of herself together for a recharge.

The Mother in her Light is not concerned with what she receives from an exchange. Like the most devoted, caring mothers in this world, She is concerned with showing up fully, and bringing her love and healing qualities to support whatever situation needs her.

She knows, however, that she will speak her needs and get them met. And she believes in the balance of the cycles of life: what goes out must come back in again. She knows how to nourish herself, and thereby brings a nourishing energy to all life because of it.

She asks for help. She is not a one-being show, is not responsible for being the sole proprietor of all lifeforce, assistance, and caregiving, and she knows that. Sometimes, she will be the one to be nurtured by the beloved others in her life, and she is not afraid to ask. She knows she is appreciated, and that others want to exercise their own mother archetypal energies by assisting her and doing nourishing things for her in return for her devotion..

Mother in Her Light is highly creative. She nurtures the relationship with the children of her creativity by making the time to give each of them attention, sustenance and nourishment. Her projects thrive because she is focused on nurturing them to their Highest Potential.

She is the being that others seek out for guidance, for advice, for a warm hug. She is gentle, soft and very strong. She knows what she knows, and she is joyful to share with those who seek her counsel. She is discerning about when to share and with whom and does not want to be overbearing or overreaching in her attempt to connect with others.

The Mother in Her Light knows that she is also a Child. The child of the Divine, a child of her own parents, a child of the Earth Mother. She re-members the child within and confers with it often in order to nurture her spirit of play, joyfulness, and her needs and wants that honor her ability to feel safe, loved, seen and heard in the world around her, and in her own internal world.

The healing Mother is not afraid to let her children, both physical and metaphorical, go out into the world, because she knows she has offered them solid roots to plant their lives into, and has done all she can to encourage these children to be the most fruitful, caring stewards of life--their own and of others. She knows she will continue to be the caretaker of new life, and of her own life.

The Light Mother has nourished abundance in her life and thrives within it.

She always serves a purpose, serves herself, and serves others.

Take some time to feel what is resonating from the Mother in Her Light qualities.

What parts feel tangible for you? Which parts may feel out of reach or undiscovered?

Be encouraged to write this all down in a journal or on paper as an energetic power practice!

And be sure to return to our journey as we move through the Mother expressing in Her shadow.

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