The Gift of the Natal Astrology Chart

I have a story to tell you. Will you have ears to hear it? Will you have the heart open to receiving? Will you be willing to know yourself deeper, and see yourself more clearly through what I have to share?

As an Original Medicine Healer and truth teller, I use these prompts to begin working with women who come to me for support in restoring their voices and resonance in this world.

And It's also the call of the natal chart in astrology. It will unveil the blueprint to your Beingness and is the map your soul drew to fulfill its intention for this lifetime. It is wisdom and knowledge, universal and personal, that is there to be called on, brought in, studied and understood.

Re-searched and re-membered.

In fact, if you are looking for your purpose, and desiring to reach absolute fulfillment, consulting your natal chart is a beautiful way to re-affirm or re-birth yourself onto that path.

It will help you re-member who you truly are.

And why you are really here, at this time, in this life, with this body, and the desire to use your unique voice in a particular resonating way.

I study a lot of things, and have created many practices born out of the wisdom I have uncovered within my Self, and tapped from the realm of Spirit. And I am so deeply interested in Astrology.

I do not know on a conscious level how to interpret the language, though. Like living in tune with the Moon, bringing unique ideas and creative vision to life, and trusting in Divine timing, the knowledge of astrology is what we are born with. These are things that our souls bring down from their Source. Some of us uncover the wisdom to understand and teach this knowledge, others do not. We all have the ability.

Once we begin to pursue the knowledge, either directly, or through a teacher, it starts to strike within. It reverberates off the bones and sparks in the blood. "This is familiar", something in you says. "I know this about my Self," you continue. "Yes, you do," says your Higher Self, the Divine manifest within you. And She nudges you to keep going, to look closer, to allow the drumbeat of knowledge to call you to further step towards it.

That's when you know you're coming into something Good. Something real. Something pure and true. Something that is all for you.

You don't have to be totally in to the "woo-woo", a self-desccribed mystic in any way, or a full-time healer or teacher in a spiritual capacity to tap this and know its for you. Astrology, like love, is for everyone. It has its own brand, and its own message. Just like each relationship we cultivate with humans or things during our lifetime. In fact, astrology can point out where we are with relationship patterning and healing within this lifetime, something that, when having my birth chart read, I found extremely compelling and encouraging.

Most of all, instead of feeling completely overwhelmed by the symbols, signs and meanings, I felt totally affirmed in my Self and my path.

My chart was read to me by a Beloved Other, a woman who I have the great blessing of calling a friend, a mentor, and a soul sister. Her name is Carrie, and she came into my life by great happenstance, and stayed in my life because she is meant to be there.

Synchronicities. That's what we experience all the time on this earthly plane. Some may call them coincidence. Others know that the Divine, and our soul selves, express themselves in perfect timing, bringing exactly what is needed at that moment in earthly life.

If you're curious about the reasons things happen to you, happen to you in a certain way, or seem to be on repeat, having your birth chart looked at is a seriously deep way to answer your questions.

I'm going to digress on that for a moment and get back to my personal experience of having someone I love, respect and honor so much give me the gift of astrological wisdom for my life. This isn't the first time she has given me extremely impactful guidance on my path, or mirrored who I am back to me. Since I have known her, which is not a long time in earthly time, she has done this for me. Astrology is one of the disciplines she was called to in this life, and being both a witness to the full expression of her unique voice as she speaks Original Medicine, truth, to me, as well as an open-hearted receiver of Truth for my life path was a seriously potent and empowering combination.

What made it so?

The mirror of kinship. Utter trust and surrender. Desire to Know, without attachment. Ability to lean in to her as the wise woman who would act and speak honorably, with integrity, and in truth.

Some of this required preparation on my part before we sat down with the chart.

I had been feeling called to have my birth chart read for some time, now. It was one of those drumbeats that grew louder. "There is something there for you," it said. "When you are ready in your desire to Know, then it's time." And it turns out that I had to let a few things fall away and die before I could answer the call to Know fully. I had to be welcoming of whatever was there for me. I had to have the open heart, the ears to hear, the body poised for surrender. The full somatic experience had to be one of acceptance and willingness to learn and understand.