Stepping on to the Soul Path

If somebody had told me even a year ago that I would be curating a beautiful and large collection of crystal companions, becoming an energy worker, or studying shamanism,

I would’ve just blinked at them.

That I would be running my own business? Don’t think I would’ve believed them.

And yet. Here I am.

As I look around and open my eyes and ears to world of light work (AKA doing what makes your soul light up by doing good for the greater collective), I am beginning to see this massive shift that is happening around the country, and likely around the world. All over, women are stepping away from what we have been taught is the traditional path and are stepping onto a soul path.

And yes, it is scary. It can be intimidating. But the reward is unlike any other.

For many of us, women specifically, who have spent time working in this patriarchal corporate culture of today, we have known struggle and suffering. We have been asked, either verbally or more subtly, to stay silent, do our work, carry on and keep crushing it.

Women with ‘big personalities’ have been told to reign it in, keep a lower profile, or that their opinion is not welcome.

These are the women who know what they want, know what is to the benefit of the group, are confident and innovative, and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. These women are targets of the patriarchy and its work culture, and these are the women that are most often choosing to step away from that environment and open themselves to what is truly their life’s mission and higher calling.

I count myself as incredibly lucky to be one of them.

Stepping fully into the light of my soul path has brought me home to my unique gifts and voice. I now know that I am the creatrix of my reality in all ways. And I have the power to help shape the world with the work that I am contributing to the collective. And this is true for all of my sisters who are out there, guided by the fire in their hearts, lighting up their clients and co-workers, employees and business partners. That fire is undeniable.

Once I stepped onto it, there was no going back.

In fact, even if I were to be offered a position that paid a great salary, had an enticing benefits package, and was work that would be interesting, I would still turn it down.

It would get a ‘hard no’.

Because, if I went into anything else but my highest calling at this point, I would be abandoning myself. I would be turning away from my own voice, my own talents, my call to action. That fire in my belly would diminish noticeably. The sacrifice would impact not just me, but everyone who was, is and could be impacted by the light work I had started and will continue.

The truth is, I am not here to sacrifice. I am not here to be told to play it small or play it safe. I am not here to take direction on how to use my voice. I am here to step up, step out, step into my true calling. I am here to walk with confidence and in the knowledge that the universe has my back as my co-creator. I am here to speak audibly and clearly and offer what resonates to all who may be seeking.
That’s why I am here.

All the experiences I have had, all the cosmic shake-ups, all the times things didn’t work out or ended what looked badly at the time--they have all brought me right here. Like drums that started in the distance, it grew louder, and finally, so loud that I couldn’t possibly ignore it anymore. All of this has brought me home to my fire, my vision, my creativity. I can do and be no other way than rooted in this truth. The truth of my soul path.

My One True Calling.

Thank you for joining me here. Shanti

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