Resting + Water Energy

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Resting + Water energy. You may be looking for the connection there, and I'm going to say this: Water as a symbol can represent the emotions, the womb, healing, and the depths of the subconscious. So, when we are resting in a watery state, so to speak, we are probably doing some really deep work. There is likely some deep-down psychic alchemy taking place, and that is why we feel the need to pull inward, or are just feeling pretty tired, even if we haven't been "doing" anything strenuous on the external. Even if we are getting sleep as needed, we may still feel foggy, or having a hard time getting present. This is because our energy is getting pulled into a deeper, maybe even recognizable or unfamiliar place within, and we may not even have conscious awareness of this.

We feel is pull inward during the last waning phases and around the new moon, and this is a more conscious state because are following the cycle and rhythm of our selves as guided by the night sky. When an energetic element comes to do work with us, it may not make itself known plainly, and we may have to do some contemplation about what is happening. We will have to notice the signs. For instance, I know that I am deep in a watery alchemical phase because the Piscean Full Moon brought the energy (its a water sign, astrologically), gifted it to me through the River Goddess Sinan, and it was welcomed in to all parts of me to do all it needs it. And it began with a flood of tidal waves--high highs, and low lows: negatively charged emotions and untruths, and then expansion and truths. It has since leveled out, and yet I am still underwater, so to speak. The work is somewhere deep within, and its the veiled alchemy that is happening in preparation of the veil being lifted and all that is there to be released at surface level. And that is why I'm feeling so restful right now. My energy is the same, it's just elsewhere, somewhere deep, where it is needed, and I'm not meant to retrieve it for conscious action right now. It belongs where it is, and it is doing a hell of a lot of important work.

And that's the things about resting that makes it so incredibly important: even when we are resting, we are still doing work. Periods of rest are also periods of integration. Its time out and time way to bring it all in. During that process, we are sorting out what comes home and becomes a catalyst or an assistant to our processionals of becoming, and what we don't actually need or desire. Integration is both conscious and subconscious. When I integrate consciously, I am writing a lot in my journal. And paying a lot of attention to my dreams. Dreams are another way water energy makes itself known--as in, you have vivid ones, symbolic ones, or emotional ones. Sometimes, issues of the past come up in symbolic and/or literal ways in the dream space. The are just some examples I can think of now based on my dreams recently. I journal about my dreams, all that I can re-member-every morning. Sometimes, what is happening is too deep for me to retrieve upon waking, so I have to trust that the subconscious is working in its own way to integrate and move through. Because the subconscious part of integration is just allowing the process to unfold and move through without thinking we have every piece of it in our awareness. We don't. Integration happens on multiple levels and its multi-layered. Some things are happening so deep, we haven't even gone there or touched that part of ourselves yet.

That's the other magical property of water, right? It can literally get into anywhere. It's penetrating. It always finds a way through. Just like every other element, water energy is dual-sided in its power: it can heal, soothe, and calm, AND it can flood and drown. Sometimes, we may feel like we are drowning--in emotion, in our memories, in our shadows, in the tidal waves of life situations. And what can we do then? This is what I have found: don't fight the current. If water is coming in full force, back float. Don't exhaust yourself by swimming or moving against the current. If it is pulling you down and you're losing sight of the light above, go there. Be taken. You're in the womb now. And you are meant to be there. Something new is going to emerge when you resurface. A new path is being forged when we are sept along down the River of Life. That's the Truth of Water.

Water is a wisdom holder. In Celtic myth, there are several stories of water goddess. One is the goddess Sinan, who sought a particular well. Wells are symbols of wisdom. She sought this well with the intention of honoring the wisdom that it held, solely for the purpose of the ability to have and use the wisdom. The well was surrounded by nine sacred trees, Hazel among them. The hazel nut is a symbol of wisdom, and it would drop into the well to be eaten by salmon, ancient wisdom holders. The story goes, in some versions that the well had begun to overflow, creating a river, which swept Sinan into it and she drowned.

When we take this story to our present lives, we can see it as a metaphor in a few ways.

First of all, we have the Wyse Woman, Sinan, who seeks wisdom for the sake of honoring and venerating the wisdom sought and found through life lives. We, all of us following the soul path and are living from our own wisdom by reclaiming our power, are this Wyse Woman.

Second we have the well, which can be a symbol of the deep subconscious, the Highest Self, our inner well of wisdom. That which we have not peered into fully, down into its depths, and yet we know it is full of nourishing things for our lives. When we invite wisdom, the workings of water energy, by witnessing our dreams, emotions, our shadows, and by allowing our subconscious to integrate and prepare to release itself to our conscious selves, we are releasing the river from the well of wisdom. Its the invitation for our River of Life to come forth and sweet up along, guiding us in the directions our souls wish our lives to go in for fulfillment of its purpose.

We have all we need for the journey, as represented by the hazelnuts and salmon, and water is the powerful force that can drown us, or make us feel like we are drowning. We are actually merging with it. We are shapeshifting into its energy and uniting with its power, which is our own wisdom.

Water is nourishing and life-giving. So is wisdom. So is our Soul Self. That's our Wyse Woman. So when we work with water, we may be finding ourselves resting with water, as much of Her power is deep and wide. It can be contained until it is ready to come forth, be int in a burst, or in swelling of a wave, or in a light trickle of a steady overflow.

Water, even when it looks still, is always moving. And so are we. Awen

Honoring Water Energy + Its Polarity, Earth Energy Meditation

For the guided version of this meditation click here

This is a two part meditation, with the first part intended to honor the water energy working within, and the second part, to offer grounding by working with water's polarity: Earth energy.

Please feel free to come into this moment, come into your body, notice your emotions and overall state of Being. You are welcome to lie down for this practice, or sit as comfortably as possible. Begin by taking a long deep breath.

And again.

And again.

Sometimes when we are working with and enveloped by water energy, we may lose the steady