Archetypes Introduced: The Mother

*Note: I am using “she” here to mean the divine feminine energy force that associates to and expresses through the Mother Archetype. This is not gender related.


Before I go deep into the energies of the Mother archetype, I want to take a moment to address the concept of archetypes, how they work in our lives, and the reasons they are deeply applicable to every single living thing on Earth.

Archetypes are energies, and patterns of energies, that express themselves through the vehicle of human nature.

That may seem a bit abstract. So, what does this mean, specifically?

It means that each of us who live and breathe in a container that we call the human body is made up of energetic patterns of vibrations. (Now we are getting quantum!)

These patterns make up our thoughts, feelings, habits, emotions and outward expressions.

They also affect the world that we experience outside of the containers of our own personal bodies.

Archetypes are a development of the wise and curious mind of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. However, I will always state that you don’t have to a Jungian, or a deep diver into pyscho-theory to understand how archetypal patterns are dancing within your energy.

I work with archetypes every single day. I work with them in my own life, in my constant quest to understand myself better and refine my resonance to embody my full medicinal essence. I work with archetypes in the classes I teach. I work with them one on one with my mentorship students.

Why? Because they are extremely connective in that they are relatable, universal, and also highly specific to each person. You will see this more clearly as I go on to talk about The Mother.

Which is part of the reason I am undertaking writings on specifical archetypal energies.

I want you to walk away from this series of article with a deeper understanding of how this works in your life.

Specifically, I am going to begin with how the energies of The Mother may be expressing both in the light (conscious) and shadow (subconscious) of your essence.


Ok, so. Now, we know a little something about what archetypes are and why they are important. Let’s move into the direct example of Mother.

I was recently writing about my own journey with the energies of The Mother in my newsletter while talking about the recently begun Original Medicine Healing School astrology course on the 5 Key Placements of Your Natal Chart.

I was discussing these energies in terms of Chiron, the asteroid representing the wounded healer, and where this energy was placed in my chart, creating the embodiment of the wound I entered this life with. Turns out, it is directly tied to Mother energies.

So, who is Mother? And how does she express?

Mother is:

  • The woman who gives birth to physical children of her womb

  • The Earth as the supplier of all resources, abundance, support and sustenance

  • The Great Ocean from whence all life came and can be swallowed back into again

  • The energy that births and tends to projects, which are the children of our creativity

  • The parts of us that want to nourish, take care of, and give to others

Everyone has a mother, and everyone creates something in their lives, so, regardless of gender identity, the Mother archetype still wholly applies to you.

The Mother archetype is how we work with some part of the Divine Feminie energy in our lives--creation, sustenance, nourishing, warmth, inviting, caring, loving energy.