An Ode to Your Eyes

(I wrote this one springtime evening with some sacred assistance from plant brother Indica)

An Ode to Your Eyes

Opening your eyes

is like opening a hall of mirrors

I see the fire of passion

burning in some

In others, the springtime breeze

ripples through

I see a million ideas

of things we’ve not yet done,

but could

And a hundred words

not yet written, spoken or rhymed

The desire burns through,

cooled by the watery depths

of your endless emotion.

I could get lost at sea,

there in the mirrors

of your eyes

What happens when I surface?

Dare I look away?

Your eyes hold the darkness

of the limitless impossible

And the brightness

of remembering that I AM

They dance to a beat

only heard when

those two portals are open

like windows of a jazz club

letting out the music

into an otherwise still night

And yet

Those eyes are mornings brightness

The precious moments

spent before the world awakens

Traffic enlivens out the window

And on the street below

people forget their dreams

as they rush toward trains

instead of their hearts desires

That first light, new beginning


Your eyes are the whipers of welcome

They couldn’t possibly lie

They hold such truth

Such novelty unseen

Unknown, until it is.

Those eyes.

I want to meet them.

I want to see in them

The dance of a lovers embrace

Never to be separate again.

When the light shines just right,

I see who you were before

the you that I know now

I see the unmistakable medicine

that will not withhold its essence

Let them sing

Let them dance