*Resonance Restorative programs are offered on the premise of "If it works for you, it works for me."

This means that I intend for everyone to have access to this collective and to these programs, so if the fees and costs are holding you back, search your heart to find out what would make you feel safe and more comfortable moving forward. Then, reach out to me and let me know what's on your heart. I am open and I desire to know. Similarly, if you can afford the fees, and wish to donate extra to pay it forward, please search your heart to feel if that opportunity is in alignment with you. 

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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I clearly enhance sacred wisdom by releasing from my Inner quality the I AM. My Highest Essence allows me to clearly see the actions I am taking to rebirth my potentials. I completely see and feel the life path I am developing and the boundaries I am creating to instill fulfillment of my potentials. I am the living success of my new beginnings. A'ho