Your S-O-U-L purpose is your S-O-L-E purpose.

And this group knows that, and is right there with you, 

living in to their unique calling.


No Matter Where You Are on Your Leadership Journey, We are Here for All of It. For all of You.

Who We Are:

We are a group of female entrepreneurs, intended on fulfilling their unique purpose in this lifetime by showing up as Warrioress, Teachers, Visionaries, & Healers. 

Together, we create a ThinkTank to soundboard on solutions and dream up creative ideas for ourselves and each other. 

We are co-creators + co-contributors. We are empowering catalysts for a changing world, together. Through the eyes of love + compassion, and expression of heart through the voice, we create the most beautiful container of expansion where we all are welcome + encouraged, no matter where we are on our leadership journey. 

Solutions + Ideas for One Also Benefit Many 

What We Do

We are truly all in this together. 

Women leading businesses, leading others, leading themselves. 

And here, we come together to support each other. To join together in our full power, and admit to struggle+ hardship, sit in vulnerability + honesty, and co-create the uplifting integrity of the group. 

We meet monthly to soundboard + support. We present our challenges of all sizes, and tap into the synergy of the group to deliver inspired ideas + solutions to each other. 

It takes a village. We are that village.

We pool our wisdom, compassion, creativity + innovation to contribute our unique skills + voices to the causes of others. 

We break down the myth generated by fear that other women-led organizations are competition. 

Here, they are our greatest allies and champions to our causes and missions. 

All About Balance, Giving + Receiving, Mentoring + Being Mentored, Witnessing + Being Witnessed, Speaking Intentionally + Listening for Impact 

How We Do It:

We meet monthly, for circa one hundred and twenty minutes of think tank discussion, resonating wisdom share, and voice to voice expression + encouragement on the challenges we face in as empowered women leaders in the business of bringing the work of our soul to this world. 

Because we are intentionally bringing our vulnerability to the group and are fully willing to step into a place of receptive + discerning listening, we allow the other women in our group to witness us, relate + empathize with us, and resonate with us to spark creativity for solutions and inspired ideas. We gift each other with our knowledge + wisdom, our successes, our challenges, and we celebrate all of it, together. 

We spark each other, and mirror the Warrioress, Teacher, Visionary, and Healer to each other. 

That is powerful. 

To Apply, please submit a portfolio of the following: 

>Your Name, Biz Name, + Short Bio of Both 


>Your Program Descriptions 

>How Big Your Org Is 

>Social Media Profile Links 

>Email Address / Contact Info 

>Some Challenges You Would Like to Bring to the Group 

>How You Heard about Lead(her)ship

Your portfolio will be reviewed by our members and we will reach out to chat further! 

The Benefits are as Many as the Creative Ideas We Dream Up

Out of This Comes

  • Strong Friendship with Other Female Leaders in Their Full Integrity 

  • Loving Encouragement 

  • Unconditional Support 

  • Sense of Belonging 

  • A Wealth of Wisdom 

  • Ideas + Solutions Who Know + Desire to Know 

  • Referrals + Involvement with the Work of Others 

  • Expanded Community of Partners 

There are thousands of reasons why you belong here.

The most important of these is that

we want you. 

You, and your unique voice, and your leadership. 


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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I clearly enhance sacred wisdom by releasing from my Inner quality the I AM. My Highest Essence allows me to clearly see the actions I am taking to rebirth my potentials. I completely see and feel the life path I am developing and the boundaries I am creating to instill fulfillment of my potentials. I am the living success of my new beginnings. A'ho