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Goddess Chats

Come As You Are

See Your Desirability Mirrored Back to You 

We come together weekly for ninety minutes of unwinding the mind, sharing stories, discussing topics of interest, engaging in Q&A sessions, listening to guest speakers, and discussing cultural events that resonate with us, or fire us up in some way. We have a lot to share! We follow the flow of group conversation and open ourselves to different points of view and new ideas. 


We gather to stimulate one another and resonate with each other with our words. We laugh together! And we truly enjoy sharing in a space where we can engage our thoughts, beliefs and emotions as they apply to the collective consciousness as a whole.


Speak Your Mind, Share Your Heart, Witness Them Bloom

In yourself, in others. This is intended to be our time + space for laughter, for fun, for joy--witnessing it, spreading it, sharing it, embodying it! It's an environment of fun and lightness to balance our work and our heavier emotions and commitments. And always feel invited to come as you are.

There are no requirements to meet, just intentions to honor. 

Here, you will be reminded of just how desirable and beautiful you really are, because you will be mirrored in these Venus qualities by your sister goddesses. 

We will also learn about + work with one goddess  and Her energy at every session.

In all that we do as a group, we deeply respect and honor each other in order to create a safe space for all voices, stories and truths to be heard and understood. We praise each other for full expression, encourage each other to use our unique voices, and celebrate our differences alongside our similarities.


The energy in the room is palpable, and we come away with so much more than what we came in with.

You Have a Place of Belonging, Always


Image by Annie Spratt

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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I clearly enhance sacred wisdom by releasing from my Inner quality the I AM. My Highest Essence allows me to clearly see the actions I am taking to rebirth my potentials. I completely see and feel the life path I am developing and the boundaries I am creating to instill fulfillment of my potentials. I am the living success of my new beginnings. A'ho