Thu, Oct 15 | Virtual Sacred Space

Goddess Chats Women's Circle

Come as you are. See your beauty + your joy mirrored back to you. Make sacred connection to ceremonial celebration of All You Are Becoming
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Goddess Chats Women's Circle

Time & Location

Oct 15, 2020, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM CDT
Virtual Sacred Space

About the Event

There is space for all of you here. All of your joy, all of your love, all of your big, beatuiful feelings and emotions. Most importantly, all of your Truth can be witnessed here, and honored as sacred.

Goddess Chats are a time when we can get excited about who we are, where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. We are here to share the wonderful, joyous expereince of being a woman on Her journey home to her Self, her voice, and her unique resonance in this world.

We come together to honor our sacred joy and celebrate our lives! This is a time to share your fire! What has been a blessing in your life recently? What just Right thing is unfolding now? What do you see now that adds fuel to your vision? When we take the intention to pay attention to the lovely and joyful, we reconnect to our inspiration within. And we use the group energy to grow this from the inside out. This propels us forward, on purpose, as we make space for the goddess, the wise woman, wihtin to be called forth.

It begins with you and your joy, and together, we co-create the atmospher and energy of celebration. We are women who want to celebrate YOU, your Unique Voice, as you walk your unique Path! We want to share our joy, to give life force to the fire for each other, and be a mirror for the beauty and desirability that each of us radiates and resonates.

Join Original Medicine Healer and Co-Creator of Resonance Restorative Women's Collective, Kristi Derkacy, for this Circle of Joy and Celebration.

How We Come Together:

Virtually, we will meet to form our energetic circle. As it would be if we gathered in person, this space is sacred, and it is asked that you treat it as such. Maybe you would like to bring crystals, a hot cup of tea, or your favorite treat! Set it up for yourself as if it were a mini-ceremony of celebration!

Please also plan to bring a journal/pen + paper to capture thoughts, feelings, emotions and inspirations as they present themselves to you.

In this space, we will:

Be taken through a guided meditation / visualization to connect us to our our Joy, Love and Gratitude

After some time for individual reflection, we will share the joys of our hearts with our sisters in the circle

We will close with a sacred blessing

We are here to create a powerful resonance of joy and shareit with all those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to be open and witness. Awen!

The energy in this space is palpable, the inspiration is enlivening! You will come away with SO much more than you came with, feeling sparked and in flow with the new connections you have made, both with your Self and others.

There's a great cahnce you will carry the feelings of being re-energized well after the circle has closed. Let it be so! Come back again to share the creativity that has burst forth and bloomed since our last meeting!

Registration is Closed

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