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Body, Energy+ Somatic Work

Restorative practices to work with and release the fullness of who you are physically, energetically, emotionally, spiritually  

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Energy + body work modalities connect with every part + piece of who we are and what we are made of to help us create the healing + change we wish to see for ourselves and our lives. Whether we are looking to move through emotions, break through creative blocks, and/or vibe up by treating ourselves the best we possibly can, when we show up for energy + body work, it shows up for us a hundred fold. And we witness its effects on our lives as it works through us.

 It is especially potent when we are ready to break down old barriers, perceived limitations, and energetic blocks that keep us from reaching our next state of Becoming along our journey towards our fully restored unique voice and truth (Original Medicine). 

When you are looking for Right Relationship, getting into alignment with the body you are gifted for this lifetime is the work. And energy + body work of all kinds seek to restore this beautiful + interdependent set of pieces that all make of beautiful + unique YOU.

The way we work with Energy + body work at Resonance Restorative is a little different.  Often, you will experience energy + body work included within the loving and supportive structure of a Resonance Restorative offering. 

As an example, all mentorship programs blend many modalities + practices to bring you home to your Voice of Truth. It can also be requested during

Wise Woman One on One sessions.

These practices and modalities will open up to you as you become ready to go deep, uncover more, and speak truth to your life, more and more.

They are partners on the healing journey. And they serve our Highest Good always as we journey towards our most restored and resonate Selves. 

Be encouraged to look around the collective to see and feel what else might be here for you. 

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welcoming+ restoring the life force 

Rei - Ki : Rei is the Source, Higher Power    Ki is Life Force Energy. 

Reiki is an energy treatment that flows through the hands and is guided by the energy itself. When a person comes willing to experience Reiki, they are allowing their energetic body, the Aura (the field of energy surrounding the body) and the Chakras (energy centers within the physical body) to receive healing and relaxation. Reiki, though, is all encompassing; it works with the emotional body as much as it works physically + energetically.  Because it is a Source energy, it cannot harm in any way, it can only assist in healing and clearing. When the energetic body is open and flowing, the physical, emotional and psychological components of us are able to heal as well, and Reiki can work with different parts + pieces of us, as we need it to, along our journey. 

We work with Reiki because our healing journey may ask us to. We work with Reiki when we are called to, or when the offering begins to show up strongly in our curious minds and hearts. That is when we know it is time to seek this healing modality. And we can receive peacefully, as we know this is for our Highest Good, and will bring us beyond where we are as we move through whatever is there for us. We will be assisted unconditionally by this Divine energetic vibration, and we will be raised in our vibration as restoration makes asserts its place within us. A'ho

Afterward, is is important to drink plenty of water to ensure that the body has the resources to continue to cleanse itself. It is also common to experience some heightened emotions, or other sensations for a period of time after receiving Reiki. This is the energetic body working with the other components of ourselves to create restored flow, balance and overall health. 



Connection to all parts of the whole

Reflexology is an Eastern traditional body work practice that engages the feet and the hands in light pressure and massage.


The foot is a map of reflex points that correspond to all other parts and zones on the body, and by gently working these points, the reflexes, the body is able to respond to the touch by way of the nervous system, connecting all parts back to the whole.

Our feet are our connection to the Earth, our roots through which we can send our energy to be rooted and grounded. When we are rooted and grounded, we can stand tall in our Selves, and we are not easily shaken. 

We use Reflexology to reconnect to our feet  and to the complex and beautiful set of instruments it is in partnership with, so that all works together for our Highest Good. 

Light touch and pressure allows us to feel safe as we experience the restorative power of our Selves being united through this bodywork practice. Afterwards, we find ourselves able to notice our feet and their importance as they carry us forward. We honor them with gratitude and attention as being our great supporters.

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somatic Engagement 

your body as your great teacher

Working with the soma, the greek word for body, is a full Self experience. When we engage our Selves somatically, we are inviting awareness, attention, and intention to the body in ways we may not have ever engaged it before. 

Somatic engagement means we work with all of the physical components of the Self to relate our experience to being a process that is begun and completed within the containers of our bodies. 

The intention of somatic engagement is to work in a curious and loving way with our nervous systems, reprogramming them as we heal through our exploration of physical sensation and response pathways.

The body sends many signals and responses in all states: preparatory, reactive, homeostasis. These signals help us create emotional responses. When we attune ourselves to hear our bodies as they speak to us, and begin to learn to process these signals, we can learn to reprogram our response systems and pathways. We often use affirmations like,

"I am ready to hear + receive all I can learn from my body. I allow it to speak and I will listen." 

We do this in many different ways, included guided somatic meditation, engagement exercises, journaling practices, speaking/listening, light touch, and using inner vision to guide our understanding of the somatic experience we are exploring. 


further practices Offered to restore your full resonance

All you desire, may it be found

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  breath work  

guided Meditation




Gentle stretching + 


drum + 

sound journeying

for release

card pulls + readings

   Work to Restore All of You