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Rei - Ki : Rei is the Source, Higher Power    Ki is Life Force Energy. 


Reiki is treatment that is administered by a practitioner, but is guided by the energy itself. When a person comes in seeking Reiki treatment, they are allowing their energetic body, the Aura (the field of energy surrounding the body) and the Chakras (energy centers within the physical body) to receive healing and relaxation.

White universal energy flows directly from Source (the Higher Universal Power) through the practitioner and into their energy system. Because it is a Source energy, it cannot harm in any way, it can only assist in energetic healing and clearing.

When the energetic body is open and flowing, the physical, emotional and psychological components of us are able to heal as well. 

The session is given with the client lying down on a table, much like one that would be used for massage. I usually like to ask the client a few questions about any pain they may be experiencing, and if they prefer me to touch them, or keep my hands raised from the physical body during the treatment.

Once they are settled in, I clear myself to get into a meditative and receptive state to begin the flow of Reiki through me.

It is important to note that I give nothing of myself or my own energy to the client, and I likewise receive nothing from them. Reiki is the only energy being passed on. 

I begin with the aura and work my way from the top of the head, down the chakra system, to the feet. Many people say that they feel warmth, pulling sensations, have visions, emotional responses, or like something is being broken loose or freed. These are releasing experiences that can happen when stagnant energy is moved and cleared. There are many ways in which to experience Reiki during a session, and I like to ask clients to share what they felt or observed, if they feel comfortable in doing so after a session. 

Afterward, is is important to drink plenty of water to ensure that the body has the resources to continue to cleanse itself. It is also common to experience some heightened emotion, or other sensations for a period of time after receiving Reiki. This is the energetic body working with the other components of ourselves to create restored flow, balance and overall health. 

*Distance healing appointments available. Distance sessions are hosted via video. They are still relaxing and extremely beneficial. The only major difference is the way the receiver may experience the energy in the body.  


Reflexology is a Eastern traditional body work practice that engages the feet, sometimes the hands, in light pressure and massage.


The foot is a map of reflex points that correspond to all other parts and zones on the body, and by gently working these points, the reflexes, the body is able to respond to the touch by way of the nervous system. The feet and hands are exitways for energy to leave the body, and during any bodywork, they may be extra warm as this process takes place. 

To begin a session, the feet and lower legs will be gently cleansed with warm water bath and given a light misting of rose water, or some other mild essential oil to prepare them for treatment. A client is then either seated or lying down on a massage table and is encouraged to relax and enjoy what will very much resemble a 60 minute foot massage.

Though relief from pain, stress, or overall detoxification may not be felt immediately during or after the session, like Reiki, the body is nonetheless working to release and restore balance within itself. This can be felt in many ways, including physically, energetically and emotionally. Many clients report deep feelings of relaxation, often having deeper, more restorative sleep right away. 

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