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Becoming/ rise of the Phoenix

1:1 Mentorship for Men

Explore the Truth of Being 

>>>Rise from the ash of patriarchy, wise man 

You are so much more than your grandfather's beliefs, your father's behaviors. 

You are YOU, whole + complete in your Self. 

Divine Masculine in unity with Divine Feminine 

An embodied set of energies

showing up as a man in this incarnation 

>>The Spark is Ignited, You are Curious about what it all means

>How does a man show up vulnerably? 

>How does a man step onto his healing journey? 

>How does a man set down the burdens of what it has meant to be a man for generations? 

You're curious, and its calling you. 

Just like a drumbeat 

Who am I? 

Who can I be? 

How can I show up better? Softer? More loving? 

With more intention? With less macho? Less ego? 

How do I understand the feminine in my life better? 

How do I understand the feminine in myself better? 

>>>If any of these words are resonating, Welcome Home. 

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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I am here, standing ready to uncover my sacred wisdom and work towards a life that is shaped and called in by my Unique Voice. I am ready for the New Life that is meant for me and my world. For this, I will stand tall in my Self. I will do this by restoring my unique voice, resonating my soul purpose, healing and using my strong and soft power, and grounding into All that I Am. 

I have sacred Original Medicine, my truth. And I am here to speak it lovingly to myself and my world. A'ho

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