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Becoming the Phoenix

5+ weeks of Mentorship for Men

>>>Rise from the ash of patriarchy, wise man 

You are much more than your grandfather's beliefs, your father's behaviors, your inherited patterns of "normal", the legacy of masculinity set forth by culture and society. 

You are YOU, whole + complete in your Self. Your song is your own, your voice is yours to speak your own wisdom. Your legacy is your choice. 

The wise man knows that he is responsible for his actions, thoughts and emotions in the way he shows up, shows love, shows integrity, shows vulnerability, honors the other, honors himself. And seeks the truth as medicine for his life. 

These are deeply rooted ways of being, and they are required in order to Become the Phoenix.

The wise one within is ready to speak a new language. To uncover wisdom that has been dormant for generations. To break the bonds of what has been handed to the masculine principles about what it means to be a man on this Earth. 

Starting a Bonfire

>>The Spark is IgnitedCuriosity about what it all means

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  • How does a man show up vulnerably? 

  • How does a man step into his healing journey? 

  • How does a man set down the burdens of what it has meant to be a man for generations? 

  • How can I be soft and in relationship with the feminine as a man? 

  • What is balance? 

  • What roles are fear and shame playing in my life?  In my relationships?

You're curious, and its calling you. 

Just like a drumbeat 

  • Who am I? 

  • Who can I be? 

  • How can I show up better? Softer? More loving? 

  • With more intention? With less macho? Less ego? 

  • How do I understand the feminine in my life better? 

  • How do I understand the feminine in myself better? 

>>>If any of these words are resonating, Welcome Home, brother. 

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You are ready to dig deep, climb high, search hard for these answers.

Whatever it takes.

Because your legacy, your ability to create your most aligned and honoring life is what is at stake.  

That push for more, that calling for deeper understanding, that vision of the future has something bigger in it. 

When you call out, speak out, use your voice, you want to recognize who is speaking, you desire to know that the words are your own.

Your own Truth. 

Your Medicine for your Life. 

The Medicine you can bring to every relationship you have, including the ones with the embodied feminine. It's the King archetype, recognized, and ready to integrate as you come home to the motifs of what it means to Become and embody this powerful energy. 

>>>It is time. time to unpack what has been carried for awhile. to set down whatever feels heavy and old.

time to find some new tools. time for something new. 

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We are here to do some deep work. 

This is 5+ weeks of co-creating a container of what is true about being a man, of being you. Of being the embodied masculine that dances with the feminine both within and outside of the self. 

This is a sacred process of unpacking and welcoming. We will do this by using practices like breathwork, somatic exploration, emotional recovery, healing modalities, and information gathered from our experiences to create a trauma informed, healing-centric sense of self.


All of the tools are curated and avaliable to support this unique process of Becoming the Phoenix. 

The tools required here are: 

  • A Journal 

  • The Guidebook for the program

  • Intention, Diligence, and Dedication 

>>>a sacred dance of masculine and feminine 

This container is supported and created by the embodied masculine coming together to share space, higher learning and teachings with the embodied feminine. We meet weekly, for 90 minutes, for 5 weeks. We are both the students and the teachers of the other. Always.

All ways. 

By seeing ourselves in this way, we can break down what is blocking the dance of the masculine and feminine within and outside of ourselves, leading to more peace, love, depth, intimacy and sacredness to the relationship, such as the one to self as well as romantic partnership as examples. 

Once we learn to dance with the feminine within, and embody the qualities of softness, stillness, emotion, stability and reclamation of all parts of the self, we experience these in every exchange we take co-creative part in. 

Together, we Become. We Rise. We heal.

We Co-Create. We cultivate Original Medicine.

>>>The time to become is now. we need you--fully conscious and evolving.<<< 

>>>>>>>>be curious. welcome the drum beat. answer the call. a'ho<<<<<<

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