Mountain Lake

about the collective

Nomads, Way finders, wanderers, explorers, curious souls 

If you are looking for a place of belonging in a loving, connected, supportive, kindred spirit tribe, 

it's here, with us.

We are women of all backgrounds, body types, beliefs, and colors. 

We discover that we are all unique, united, resilient, courageous and

wild at heart and soul, ready to create beautiful changes to ourselves + our world 

The Unconditional Invitation: Come experience us, come experience yourself.

birthed+ built by a nomad, on a lifelong quest for

vision, creation,  fulfillment + belonging

 A space for deep connection, unconditional acceptance & a powerful cultivation of wisdom 

Restore Your Voice, Resonate Your soul Purpose

We are a collective created by women, for women to journey through their inner work in a safe space,  belonging to a tribe that is rooted in unconditional love and acceptance. We are here to share our stories, witness each other, heal together, and find our voices, speak our truths, and discover our soft power, together. We are here for the change that we so deeply desire to see in ourselves, our lives, and our world.  

Learn & Speak the Language of Your Heart & Soul

Collectively, we are calling in expansions of ourselves and by doing so, are co-creating our inner and outer worlds and realities. In all things, we will learn to lean in to our unique voices, our Higher Selves, as well as our teachers and guides. We will develop rich language to name and describe the internal world + our experiences, and we will come to understand our selves and the connectedness to our outer reality. In this way, we return to who we really are and honor ourselves all the while as being

strong, beautiful + unique.

Words & Sounds Create Resonance

By finding and using our unique voices, we spark resonance, creative contribution, and restoration within ourselves, and we can offer it to others, too.We are seeking to engage the mind, the physical body, the energetic body, and the soul spirit.  We channel all of these unique and beautiful parts of us and welcome them to be integrated and connected to each other. Within the supportive community of the collective, we come together to exchange in meaningful and powerful ways.

Resonance Causes Spark

That lit up feeling, the internal fire. That is what we find when we collect and restore all parts of ourselves. Whether its a course, an in-person gathering, an energetic experience, or a one-on-one meeting, there is something to be discovered, and every situation can be used as our greatest teacher, whenever we ask what we can learn. When we seek to discover, we find and recover. And as our wisdom of who we really are grows, so does the fire that drives us towards our fullest expression.

Follow Your Fire Home to All of Who You Are

Your presence here is more than just the time it takes to complete a program or meeting. It is a commitment to discovering and deepening connection with your Self, creating the strongest and most fulfilling relationship first with yourself, and then bringing this to your tribe. This collective is your community, your space to be urged into growth and expansion, and welcomes all of you, past, present and future.

This is your home as you come home to yourself. 

If you are seeking a space to feel unconditionally witnessed, heard, loved and accepted,

this collective is for you. 

Restore Your Voice. Resonate Your Soul Purpose

Experience the Resonance, Discern its alignment

ways to connect before you commit 

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Trust your Self

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New Beginnings Affirmation:

I clearly enhance sacred wisdom by releasing from my Inner quality the I AM. My Highest Essence allows me to clearly see the actions I am taking to rebirth my potentials. I completely see and feel the life path I am developing and the boundaries I am creating to instill fulfillment of my potentials. I am the living success of my new beginnings. A'ho