Resonance Restorative Women's Collective Spiritual + Energetic Wellness + Healing



what is your original medicine?

It is your truth. Your voice. The essence of who you are.

Your Unique expression. It is how you dance, how you sing, how you tell your stories and how you show up for relationships. It is the wisdom you hold and share, and the ways in which you do this. It is the imprint you leave on the world as you journey through a lifetime. 

what is your truth? what sounds and feels like hallelujah?


Mountain Lake



welcoming the wise one within

Resonance Restorative is founded on unconditional belonging.

We belong to ourselves as sovereign beings, and we are at home in a tribe of kindred spirits who share our desires to learn,

love and be nourished by the unique medicine of each offering, each voice that is an integral part of the collective whole. 

From within the safety, security, and validation of being at home with ourselves and others, we open up to curiosity. 

We travel beyond what we know already to access the deeper layers of wisdom within. We do this because our Spirit calls us to know, to re-member who we truly are. To express our unique medicine.


Here, there are safe spaces to learn in, mentorship and wise counsel to lean into to for support, group containers to come home to, journeys to take towards our fullest expression of Self and towards walking in the alignment of our truth,

our Original Medicine.

To do this, we must first find our voices, gather and retrieve all parts of ourselves from the shadows, and re-member ourselves back to who we truly are so that we can live into our unique mission is for this journey on Earth.

Everything that is offered here is created and born out of the intention to bring you closer to honoring your true self, your unique and original medicine.


You can think of this collective as a language immersion program, 

in which you are learning the language of your soul-

The language of your inner wise one, the inner wise man or woman. 

The language of purpose. Of fulfillment. Of Belonging.

The Original Medicine you are here to bring into this lifetime. 

Through mentorship, unconditional belonging, support of tribe and a collective experience, you will learn to speak + express

this language through your unique voice;

The re-remembering of this wisdom takes place one on one, in groups, in classes,  in circles + workshops, with yourself, and with important others in your life.

You learn proficiency in this language until you Become it and it Becomes you. A'ho. 

What is here for you

What is here is beyond a program or a single gathering.

It is a space to retrieve and re-member love. To find belonging, unconditionally. It is a home built for voices.

A place to grow in, safe spaces for learning and

re-membering. It is a way to create relationships and symbiotic connections. It offers accessible guidance and wisdom for those who are seeking. It provides unique and original ways to get wants and needs met. It is a set of spacious containers for all experiences and stories.

It is a holder of all forms of wisdom and original medicine. A'ho 

your whole self, affirmed + Welcomed

You can, We Can. 

You have a captivating, important story to tell

+ a sacred mission to fulfill.

You have a unique, strong voice with which to tell it. 

You are just right, wherever you are. 

Your Truth is your Medicine. 

Offering your medicine means belonging to yourself, stepping into your sovereignty, and bringing every part of you forward to create your unique imprint on the world. 

Re-member your medicine. Belong in your Tribe. 

Be a valued voice in the collective chorus of healing hallelujahs.


Kristi Derkacy, co-creator






Learn about who I am and what I do. I am here to share my medicine and my essence with you and weave stories that resonate truth

If you feel intrigued,

If you desire to know more,

My name is

Kristi Derkacy

If you feel the calling, the beat of the drum, the invitation of the wise one, 

you're not alone. You've found your place.

Welcome home. A'ho